FashionFake Cooks: Moroccan Harissa Lamb Roast

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Harissa lamb roast recipe, Encona sauces review, food bloggers, FashionFake

We love a roast in our house – every week we indulge in a nice piece of roast meat accompanied with delicious seasonal vegetables and lashings of homemade gravy… Mmm, I’m getting hungry writing about roasts – I could sure eat one right now!

I met Encona Sauces during a blogger event and fell in love with their sauces – I love chilli sauce, and my cupboards are stacked with chilli sauces and pastes from all over the world. It’s an obsession/collection/my pride and joy! I was also gifted a goodie bag with a collection of sauces from the event so I jumped at the opportunity to try something new and indulge in an international spice fest – enter Morocco with its famous harissa paste. I love harissa because it has so many uses and is so deliciously spiced – it’s not very hot, maybe that’s because I’m used to sinking down bottles of naga chilli sauce, but harissa is absolutely delicious. It tenderises meat and once cooked gives it a nice kick of flavour. I decided that for a Sunday roast one weekend we will try harissa roast lamb – and it turned out to be DELICIOUS. Mixing traditional cooking with Moroccan spices worked extremely well, and the combination of comforting home cooking with some exotic flavours is just YUM. Plus, the lamb that is marinated in harissa is so soft and full of enhanced flavour – it’s seriously hard not to enjoy this meal.
Have I tantalised your taste buds yet?? Read on below how to make your own harissa lamb roast.

Harissa lamb roast recipe, Encona sauces review, food bloggers, FashionFake

What you will need (for 5 people):
- Leg of lamb
- Red onion
- Lemon
- Rosemary
- Garlic
- Encona Moroccan Harissa Marinade*
- Potatoes
- Parsnips
- Butternut squash
- Pomegranate
- Red cabbage
- Gravy and Yorkshire puddings to serve

Make sure you choose a good quality piece of lamb leg – I like my meat rare so cook it rare/medium whenever I can and lamb tastes delicious when it’s slightly pink! Rub the Encona Moroccan Harissa Marinade all over the lamb and leave for at least 2 hours, but overnight if possible as this will reap the best results.

Harissa lamb roast recipe, Encona sauces review, food bloggers, FashionFake

Place the harissa lamb in a roasting tray and cover with slices of lemon and sprigs of rosemary – judge the quantity by taste. Into the tray, throw in a quartered red onion, 1 clove of garlic and ends of parsnips, and a little bit of water to keep the lamb moist.

Roast the lamb at 190c – because I like mine quite pink, it takes me just over an hour for a joint to feed 4-5 people. But, I always check to make sure it’s the colour I want it to be. So, this part is different for everyone depending on how you want your lamb to be done – check the cooking times on the packet of your joint, or ask the butcher. Whilst the lamb is roasting, boil your potatoes and then chuck them into the over to get crispy with some olive oil and rosemary sprigs – this will take about 30 minutes. Cut your parsnips and butternut squash and place to roast covered in olive oil with some paprika or chilli powder for a little spice kick – these will take about 20-30 minutes.

Harissa lamb roast recipe, Encona sauces review, food bloggers, FashionFake

I also like to serve this dish with ‘jewelled’ red cabbage – roughly chop the cabbage and then boil to soften it, but don’t overdo it so it goes limp and soggy, about 7-8 minutes will do. Get your pomegranate seeds and sprinkle all over the cabbage – that’s the jewels! I also add my squash and parsnips to this mixture to add colour and mix the veg up a bit!

Harissa lamb roast recipe, Encona sauces review, food bloggers, FashionFake
Harissa lamb roast recipe, Encona sauces review, food bloggers, FashionFake

Once you are happy with your lamb, serve with your seasonal roasted vegetables, Yorkshire puddings and lashings of gravy (I like to make my own from the juices of the roast meat!) – this meal is delicious, different and simply melts in your mouth… Who’s up for a Sunday roast then?!
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Glossybox November Beauty Box Review

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Glossybox review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake, monthly subscription beauty box review

Beauty boxes started popping up everywhere in 2012 and took the beauty world by storm. I signed up to Glossybox in 2012 when I first found out about the service and I thought it was a fab idea to discover new products and also keep my makeup drawer stocked up on necessities.

Glossybox offers 5 products, most of which are usually full size, from good old favourite brands and new up coming companies. When you sign up to Glossybox, you fill in a beauty profile which suits your taste in makeup and skincare needs and the products will sometimes be tailored to your needs – that’s the idea. You also earn Glossypoints with every box you review, which you can use to redeem and get a free box! That’s one of the reasons I stick to this box, because sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself and get a little freebie! It takes seconds to fill out a product survey, and your points stack up pretty quickly.

I have discovered some great new brands through Glossybox, I especially love when they do a country themed box like the French box – it was so cute! And the products were awesome. It also helps to keep your makeup drawer stocked up with multiple mascaras, eye shadows, lipsticks and perfume testers. I get quite excited when I receive perfume samples as once you have a few on your shelf, you can pick different scents every day without forking out and committing to one full size bottle – unless you love the scent, in which case go for it.

Glossybox review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake, monthly subscription beauty box review

The November Glossybox consisted of 5 products which I absolutely love:

MUA Undressed Eye Shadow Palette £4 – Following the success if Urban Decays Naked palette, MUA has launched a much more affordable palette which focuses on nude colours. I love the colour of this palette – from shimmery dusty pink tints, to darker browns and blues the MUA Undressed Palette will take you from day to night. The eye shadows stay on all day which is awesome – I hate it when eye shadow creases, or disappears hallway through the day. The shades are very well pigmented – colours appear on your skin just like you would expect them to. I’m a huge fan of the palette and have been using it every day!

Emite Makeup Diamond Heart Base Primer £12– I needed a primer in my makeup toolbox, and Glossybox have kindly catered for that this month! This is what I mean about not having to buy a lot of makeup/skincare products because you get a great selection in your monthly box! And over time it all stacks up.
I really like this Primer – Emite makeup is one of the brands I discovered through Glossybox – it is very gentle on the skin and doesn’t clog up any pores. It does help your skin stay even and bright throughout the day.

Royal Apothic Cream Crème £20 – Royal Apothic has the cutest designs and packaging EVER! I love them because I love their branding – such a shallow creature… No but really, the products have never let me down and it’s a bonus they look good too! This body crème is light yet nourishing and smells gorgeous and fresh. It has olive oil extracts to keep skin looking youthful and bright!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry £7.99 - I love the colour of this Revlon lipstick, it's so dark and perfect for A/W! Revlon always do excellent makeup items and I love the brand dearly so anything that pops through from them is a winner! Wear strong, dark colours with minimal makeup: shaped brows, a bit of mascara and a slight blush.

Glossybox review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake, monthly subscription beauty box review

So the total worth of a Glossybox adds up to £43.99 but you pay a monthly fee of £10 + P&P, and the products you receive in the box always outweigh the cost. You can cancel the subscription at any time, so if you want to take a little break you can – but then again, you can never have too much makeup!

I always get a 6 month Glossybox subscription for my mum on Christmas and on her birthday as it makes the perfect present that just keeps on surprising you every month! It would be great if Glossybox expanded into mens skincare as I would definitely sign up Liam to this monthly skincare box – I know they do one off’s but there is a demand for regular mens boxes, I really think so!

Have you tried a Glossybox beauty box? What did you think? Is another brand your favourite? I’d love to know!

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Autumn 2015 LookBook: Another8 Classic White Shirt

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Another8 white boyfriend shirt, FashionFake, fashion bloggers, monochrome style
Another8 white boyfriend shirt, FashionFake, fashion bloggers, monochrome style
Another8 white boyfriend shirt, FashionFake, fashion bloggers, monochrome style
Another8 white boyfriend shirt, FashionFake, fashion bloggers, monochrome style
Another8 white boyfriend shirt, FashionFake, fashion bloggers, monochrome style
what i'm wearing: white oversized shirt* Another8 // leggings StyleStalker // jacket River Island // shoes Topshop // sunglasses Primark

I was very excited to collaborate with Another8 through etailPR - a platform which connects brands with bloggers. I love Another8 - as a brand, they tick all the right boxes: timeless, classic pieces with a modern, clean cut edge.

When I received the white boyfriend shirt through the post, I couldn't wait to style it and I knew exactly what I wanted for my first look: an edgy monochrome glam grunge outfit. The white shirt is a versatile classic staple in anyones wardrobe - easy to dress up or down. Today I decided that I wanted to keep it cool and casual so I added chunky leather heels and a leather jacket (keep it old and worn, I love a good leather jacket with character!), and some super cool statement leggings.

We were so lucky with the weather for this photoshoot - it was absolutely freezing out, but the wind made my hair go crazy and blew up the white shirt just like Marilyns dress! It was such a fun shoot!
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Antipodes Juliet Skin-Brightening Gel Cleanser Review

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Antipodes Juliet Skin Brightening Gel Cleanser review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake, natural skincare products
Antipodes Juliet Skin Brightening Gel Cleanser review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake, natural skincare products
Antipodes Juliet Skin Brightening Gel Cleanser review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake, natural skincare products

Being a huge fan of Antipodes, I couldn’t wait to test out the Juliet Gel Cleanser, which is especially great if, like me, you have blemished skin. The Antipodes Juliet Skin-Brightening Get Cleanser has exfoliating properties which come from two of the main ingredients: New Zealand kiwi and hibiscus flower.
It also contains Manuka honey which we all know is great for the skin because of its antibacterial powers – I love honey based products because they always smell so good, feel soft and luxurious and are gentle on the skin whilst effectively tackling blemishes. The Juliet Cleanser also contains antioxidant packed Vinanza® Grape which helps reduce and also balance out oil production without drying your skin.
I love the smell of the cleanser – it is ever so slightly scented with green apple and cardamom, so deliciously fresh and unexpected! 

The gel cleanser lathers up really nicely on your skin – you don’t need to use a lot of the cleanser, a dollop the size of a small grape will do! Massage the gel onto your face and neck in upward strokes, giving special attention to spots and blemishes. Rinse off with warm water and continue with your favourite serum and moisturiser for extra nourishment in the winter! 

The cleanser suits all skin types, but helps especially if you have oily or blemished skin. I found that after using the Antipodes Juliet Skin-Brightening Gel Cleanser my skin appears genuinely brighter with blemishes less red and dark. I started noticing a difference after a couple of washes so it gets to work straight away, which is fab! I follow up my cleansing routine with my Antipodes Worship Serum and Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream.
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FashionFake Cooks: Super Green Pancakes With Cocoa Sauce

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Gluten free super green pancakes recipe, food bloggers, FashionFake

Christmas is a time to indulge in all your favourite foods - it's the perfect excuse to go OTT with gravy on your roast, not worry about second or even third helpings of meals, plenty of chocolate and booze. But there is a way to stay healthy AND indulge - I bring you the Super Green Pancakes with Sugar Free Chocolate Sauce. These bad boys are packed with protein, super greens like chlorella, my favourite almond milk and coconut oil. I love cooking these pancakes early in the morning, usually on a Sunday - the smell so good that everyone in the house wakes up and drifts down the stairs to find a gorgeous pile of thick pancakes waiting.
Thank you to Discount Supplements who introduced me to this delicious and healthy pancake recipe, and sent me some goodies to experiment with!

Gluten free super green pancakes recipe, food bloggers, FashionFake

What you will need (serves 4):
For Pancakes:
1 1/2 cups almond milk
2 cups brown rice flour
1 egg
3 tbsp unrefined sugar
2 tbsp Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil*, melted
2 tbsp Synergy Natural 100% Organic Super Greens Powder*
2 tbsp Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Vanilla Ice Cream Whey Powder*
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
3 tbsp butter, plus more as needed
Sugar Free Cocoa Sauce
1/3 cup maple syrup
1/3 cup Naturya Organic Cocoa Nibs or 4 tbsp cacao powder
3 tbsp Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil*

Gluten free super green pancakes recipe, food bloggers, FashionFake

Grab a large mixing bowl and mix the egg, milk, sugar and coconut oil with a wire whisk. Then add the brown rice flour, super green powder, vanilla whey and baking powder - mix this until you obtain a homogeneous (consistent and smooth) mixture. This should take about 4-5 minutes.

Gluten free super green pancakes recipe, food bloggers, FashionFake

Melt the butter in a large pan (I love my non stick deep pan from HomeSense - it's a life saver!). Ladle about 1/3 of a cup of the batter into the pan - you can do 2 or 3 pancakes at a time, or make enormous ones like I did here! The pancakes come out quite thick which is ideal as that's how I like them, but it's completely up to you in you would rather make thin pancakes which can fold/roll up! Cook the pancakes until bubbles break the surface of the pancakes and the sides are golden brown - then flip and cook for a further 1 minute. Transfer the pancakes onto a platter and cover to keep them nice and warm. My batter for large, thick pancakes made 5 huge pancakes in total.

To make the cocoa sauce, mix all the ingredients in a pan and heat until all is melted into a nice, smooth, thick sauce... This warm and bitter sweet mixture is the perfect topping for your spongey pancakes.

Gluten free super green pancakes recipe, food bloggers, FashionFake

You're ready to serve your pancakes! I stacked mine up and poured the chocolate sauce over - it looked like the perfect Christmas morning cake, green and festive! We cut into the pancakes as though it was a cake, taking however big portion we wanted. You can also serve the pancakes and sauce separately so everyone can pour on however much sauce they want.

Sweet, warm and guilt free, I love the super green pancakes for breakfast! It really sets you up for the day and is so filling - nothing wrong with that when you're indulging in some festive feasts! 
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Autumn 2015 LookBook: Twilight on Regent Street

Faux fur coat winter outfit, fashion bloggers, FashionFake
Faux fur coat winter outfit, fashion bloggers, FashionFake
Faux fur coat winter outfit, fashion bloggers, FashionFake
Faux fur coat winter outfit, fashion bloggers, FashionFake
Faux fur coat winter outfit, fashion bloggers, FashionFake
what i'm wearing: faux fur Debenhams // jeans Primark // turtleneck United Colours of Benetton // shoes ASOS // bag* George at ASDA // watch Michael Kors

Faux fur is HUGE this season – AW15 just wouldn’t be the same without a little cosy fluff. Or in this case – a lot! I dug out this coat I got from Debenhams a couple of years ago when faux fur coats were just starting to get their claws back into fashion, and donned it on for a trip to London.

I think coats like these are perfect for a city trip – faux fur can easily take you from day to night and keep you mega warm and cosy, whilst looking on top fashion form. I spent the whole day in this faux fur coat – and boy was I glad that I had it at the end of the day when I was coming back home as it was freezing! But faux fur is just as warm as real fur, that’s why I often don’t understand why in 1st World countries we kill animals for fur. Naturally, if you live in a habitat and culture that requires you to kill and wear animals for fur then OK, but just for fashion? Nah, keep your white fox skins – I’d rather have a faux yeti on my back!

Let’s talk about balance – when you have a big coat like this, I think it looks best with something simple and slim fitting on the bottom. I opted for skinny jeans and ankle boots to keep comfortable and casual. But, if you did want to cause a bit of drama on the streets – why not try a maxi dress?

I spent this day in London attending SS15 fashion press days, which is weird as we are only now getting into Christmas really – but my mind is already frazzled with content ideas for the next season! That’s just the industry though – always one step ahead and full of excitement. I also spent some time with my lovely friend Nicole who is also an awesome blogger, and looks mega cute and cosy wrapped up in her Topshop scarf – check out her website!
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LighterLife Fast 5:2 Diet review diary - Week Two

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If you read last Thursdays post you will know I have embarked on a weight loss adventure with LighterLife Fast – it is now my second week out of the six week blogger challenge to look amazeballs in my little party dress.
This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster – I cannot even imagine how many calories I consumed on Friday night when I thought it was a great idea to drink a bottle of wine to myself, followed by Sunday when I had double helpings of a huge roast lamb dinner. I regret nothing – because it tasted incredible. But it has already made me think about the amount I eat and drink (wine, why do you do this to me every time?!) – on weekends, I indulge in a massive calorie fest which is fine to do now and again, but every weekend? Surely that’s the reason I’ve gone up a dress size this year.

The beginning of the week was hard – I started Monday and Tuesday with a fast, when all I wanted was roast leftovers and hot chocolate. I figured Monday is bad enough, so why not add in a fast to it and then the weekend is all for indulging a little? The thing is, it’s actually pretty hard to find time to do a fast because if you’re a social person who’s out and about you don’t actually realise how much you snack and eat out. Cosy weekends in would be the perfect opportunity to practice fasting, but then what about your pizza / curry friends who you just cannot live without?!
Monday was especially hard – I was starving, managed to get away from butter croissants in the morning, sweets throughout the day but what got me was dinner. Liam had leftovers from our Sunday roast which was Harissa lamb and seasonal veg, he kindly walked past me with an overflowing plate which had 5 Yorkshire Puddings on it (!!!) and left me in the kitchen with a sad bowl of curry which amounted to probably 2 spoonfulls. I added in cayenne pepper for that extra kick – I just can’t have a non-rodoculously spicy curry – and carried on.
Alas, I have to confess my dearest friends – that SOB who was taunting me with a plate of food left a piece of lamb on his plate, and after a long time of debating (a whole 5 seconds) I ate it. There, the truth is now out there. In reality, I had one bite from the lamb piece so it couldn’t have contained more than like 50 calories?

I carried on the fast through Tuesday because like I mentioned sometimes it’s hard to fast around the end of the week with social gatherings and comforting junk food. This is going against my diet plan a little, but I will rectify back to the routine next week when life’s a bit more settled. It was OK to do this two days in a row – I think you kind of face the fact that you’re not going to have ‘real’ food today so you just give in. In fact, it was kind of funny eating my ‘space food’ as my colleagues call it! It is astonishing how little actually fills you up when you’re on LighterLife Fast diet.

On Wednesday I finally ate ‘normal’ food. Surprisingly, I wasn’t craving pizza and burgers – I was craving cucumber (whaat!!) and light snacks. I think my body was craving flavour above all, but there wasn’t any need to stuff myself.
At lunch, I indulged my craving for cucumber and had Ryvita with cream cheese and cucumber slices, and also a Twix.  For dinner, I made the most delicious aubergine curry – it was packed with flavour, spice but was quite a light meal itself. I did have some naan bread with it, which obviously gave me the comforting carbs – I just had to mop up all the sauce from the scrumptious curry!
One thing I noticed is that I didn’t snack anywhere near as much as I usually do because I was only eating during set times – I didn’t eat when I was bored.

I’m excited to see where this diet takes me as already in just over two weeks I am seeing my eating habits change for the better. I have weighed myself at the beginning of this challenge and am hoping to see a drop in that figure by the end of my final week!
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FashionFake Cooks: Smocked Mackerel Tacos with Yogiyo

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Smocked mackerel tacos recipe, Yogiyo sauces review, food bloggers, FashionFake
Smocked mackerel tacos recipe, Yogiyo sauces review, food bloggers, FashionFake

I love tacos – crispy golden tortilla shells that hold a world of saucy, spicy goodness… every bite is simply delicious. I am used to tacos with beef mince covered in cheese and salsa, but when Yogiyo kindly sent me some recipes with a Korean twist I spotted a smocked mackerel taco recipe – I just had to try it. Being a huge lover of fish and a foodie explorer, I’m always open to trying something new. This recipe called for scrumptious taco shells, full flavoured oily fish and crisp Korean vegetables, which are readily available at any supermarket.

Once you construct your overflowing basket of goodness, you take your first crunchy bite into the succulent taco – be warned, it’s going to get devilishly messy but you won’t be able to stop yourself. The snap of the warm, golden taco contrasts perfectly with the cool, sharp bite of the Korean vegetables and the smoothness and creaminess of the mackerel. You then get a kick from the Yogiyo Gochu Jang Korean chilli sauce which just explodes in your mouth for the perfect foodie satisfaction factor. Are you now ready to try this at home?

It’s a fairly light meal and what I enjoy most about the smocked mackerel tacos is that it’s a proper ‘get your hands dirty’ food – create loads of these parcels for a dinner party and let you guests tuck in.

Smocked mackerel tacos recipe, Yogiyo sauces review, food bloggers, FashionFake

What you will need (serves 4)

For the mackerel filling:
- 4 smocked mackerel fillets, skinned and sliced
- 1 avocado, peeled and finely chopped
- 1 red onion, finely diced
- 50ml freshly squeezed lime juice and zest
- 50ml freshly squeezed lemon juice and zest
- 1 red chilli, deseeded and finely diced
- 4 tbsp Yogiyo Gochu Jang chilli sauce for dipping
- 1 tbsp chopped coriander
- Salt & pepper to taste
Crunchy Asian Vegetables:
- 8 radishes, thinly sliced
- 2 carrots, coarsely grated
- 4 spring onions, finely shredded
- 100g bean sprouts
- 50ml sesame oil
To serve:
- 100ml creme fraiche
- 25g coriander leaves
- Soft corn tacos

Smocked mackerel tacos recipe, Yogiyo sauces review, food bloggers, FashionFake

Now to get to the super easy recipe - mix all the mackerel filling items together in a large bowl. Then mix the crunchy vegetables and dress with the sesame oil. Heat the corn tacos in an oven until warm and fill with the mackerel filling and your vegetable salad. Top with creme fraiche and coriander - et voila! Your deliciously fishy tacos are ready to serve!

Smocked mackerel tacos recipe, Yogiyo sauces review, food bloggers, FashionFake
Smocked mackerel tacos recipe, Yogiyo sauces review, food bloggers, FashionFake

I first came across Yogiyo sauces whilst watching an episode of Dragons Den – Liam and I both loved the idea, and Korean sauces are very uncommon but so delicious!! The founder, Sue Youn, grew up learning the ropes of her mother's restaurant on the South Korean east coast. It was here she'd later meet co-founder Ben, a Londoner looking for a break from hectic city life. They used their life savings and travelled back to London with a handful of Korean recipes to set up a foodie business. Thankfully, their travelling Korean kitchen quickly became an instant hit on London's fledgling Korean street food scene.
Demand for dishes made with Sue Youn’s original chilli sauce very quickly reached sky heights and after selling bottles to regular customers and local delis the couple decided to take Yogiyo sauces to the public. Sue Youn and Ben appeared on BBC2’s Dragon’s Den and successfully secured a deal with one of the Dragons, Peter Jones.
You can now find the sauces at your local Sainsburys, or online! I loved discovering these bottles of Asian goodness - and I look forward to sharing more delicious recipes with you later on my blog.
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Smiles All Around! My Top 4 Products For Whiter And Shinier Teeth

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Tis the season of parties, glamour, food and drinks aplenty, and shiny smiles! Every year we get bombarded with ads of products that all promise to give us the perfect white grin – but with so many options to choose from, which is best for you? And more importantly – do these at home whitening products actually work? I went on a hunt and put the top brands to the test.

Enlighten Duo Care review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake, how to get white teeth

For double polish and shine: Enlighten Duo Care £20*

Enlighten has over 13 years experience within the dental industry and is dedicated to developing products to use at home which help remove stains and whiten teeth, as well as protecting and repairing enamel.
I was really interested in Enlighten Duo Care as the double effect tooth paste multitasks to get your teeth white and polished in a matter of days. The first toothpaste to use in the morning is the Evo White Toothpaste which polishes your teeth and gets rid of any stains making them whiter and smoother. It also helps repair enamel which is really fab in a whitening toothpaste.
In the evening, I used the Tooth Serum Paste which actually helps keep your teeth whiter after they have been treated – it is made up of 97% HydroxyApatite which is the main mineral that makes up your tooth enamel. Sounds like the perfect duo, right?
I have been using Enlighten Duo Care for roughly three weeks now and I was really impressed by the first couple of days when my teeth really did get polished by the Evo White Toothpaste: they felt smoother, cleaners and shinier. I then followed with the Tooth Serum Paste which helps the effects of whitening treatment last longer. This polishing duo made my teeth feel super clean and sparkly! I felt like my teeth were polished and shiny, I wanted to smile a lot more and it definitely made a huge difference to my confidence. 
The verdict for Enlighten Duo: 9/10 for cleaning; 9/10 for shine; and 8/10 for whiteness                              

Sensodyne True White review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake, how to get white teeth
Sensodyne is a leader in their field when it comes to teeth sensitivity. Sensitive teeth are very painful and just damn right annoying when you can’t tuck into a hot cup of chocolate, or find a secret ice cream bomb in a Baked Alaska - without cringing in pain. We’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives and sensitive teeth can be a right nuisance especially with all the gorgeous food around festive dates like Christmas and New Year. Sensodyne have a tooth paste which helps decrease teeth sensitivity and send you on your way to a brighter smile. Along with the toothpaste, there is also a new mouthwash to ensure your oral hygiene is on top form. The Sensodyne True White toothpaste is really gentle on teeth – you can still feel the polishing effect, but it’s not as icy and cold as most other toothpastes. Follow your regular routine – brush for 3 minutes, and then swirl around the mouthwash before rinsing your mouth for a super clean feeling.
The verdict for Sensodyne Whitening: 8/10 for cleaning; 8/10 for shine; and 6/10 for whiteness

Rapid White Max Effect 5 minute Dissolving Strips review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake, how to get white teeth

The whitening strips: Rapid White Max Effect 5 Minute Dissolving Strips* £17.24

Whitening strips are a little more hardcore than tooth polish – treatment packet usually lasting for about a week, these dissolving miracles promise to give you a sparkling white smile in just 7 days. The strips come in a packet of bottom and top strips which you apply after cleaning your teeth. The strips then take about 5 minutes to dissolve in your mouth – now this I won’t even lie to you about, because it’s not nice. I always struggle because I end up being a dribbling mess trying not to swallow any of the product because let’s face it – it can’t be good for you; it doesn’t taste nice and it feels weird and ‘fluffy’ on my teeth. So yeah, that’s a sacrifice in the name of beauty! But after all that, do the strips really work?
My teeth certainly appeared a shade whiter. They were shiny, sparkly and brighter than usual. I do have to say my teeth felt slightly sensitive after the first couple of days but this feeling faded pretty quickly. I was really impressed with Rapid White Max Effect Strips and it's a great quick fix if you know you have an event to go to in a weeks time! 

The verdict for Rapid White Max Effect 5 Minute Dissolving Strips: N/A for cleaning; 9/10 for shine; and 8/10 for whiteness

Dentyl Active review, beauty bloggers, FashionFake, how to get white teeth

The rinsers: Dentyl Active Mouth Wash* £1.25 each

I have ALL the time in the world for mouth washes - it's a recent obsession of mine, ever since I started trialling Dentyl Active. Not to gross you guys out but this mouthwash colours any remaining plaque in your mouth and when you rinse and spit you see it all flush out - endless amounts of fun!! Other than that, mouthwash is just a brilliant item to have to complete your hygiene routine after brushing - it helps your breath stay fresh, cleans the whole of your mouth and helps keep your teeth cleaner for longer. Mouthwash doesn't whiten your teeth but it sure keeps your mouth fresh and your teeth smooth and plaque free. The Dentyl Active mouthwash gets an honorary mention in my must haves to keep your oral hygiene on top form! And honestly, try it and tell me you don't have fun watching all the pink or blue coloured plaque go down the sink after you've rinsed.

To compliment your new shiny, white smile - here are my top lipstick picks for AW15!

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